Protection from Covid-19

Protection products for Covid-19. Plexiglass shields for office and counter use. Protect your employees and customers.
Protective plexiglass

Protective plexiglass in various dimensions

Lightweight, antiviral shield. Protect your customers and your employees with this plexiglass protective shield.

  • Available in different sizes.
  • Custom made dimensions upon request.

Minimum Quantity: 50 pieces

Design ideas
Textile Banners & Backdrops

Textile banners and backdrops in various dimensions

Textile banners and backdrops with sublimation printings, single or double-sided and aluminium frame.

  • Available in different shapes and sizes.
  • Custom made dimensions upon request.
  • Option to reprint your graphic, if you already own a frame.
  • Design graphics from Covid-19 signage.
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Quick Frame Medi

Quick Frame Medi Frame – Lightbox

Quick Frame Medi is part of Branding Park lightbox collection. It is an aluminium frame with a transparent print that enables the creation of safe spaces during a prevailing pandemic. You can separate spaces in restaurants, banks, shops, corporate offices and other public places giving customers a sense of security.


The most useful feature of Quick Frame Medi is its multiple use. Once the pandemic is over and we can go back to normal conditions, the frame will work as an excellent advertising system, a lightbox with single or double-sided textile sublimation prints!

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Info Desks - Safety Collection

Info desks with plexi shield

Info desks, reception desks and promo desks with crown and Covid-19 safety features like plexi shield, hand sanitizer dispenser, glove holder and disposal container. PVC interchangeable printing and wheels for easy transfer.

All our info desks have an aluminium skeleton, internal shelf and crown. Easy and fast setup and a handy transport bag that fits the whole system.

Design ideas
pureair lightbox

Lightbox UV air cleaner

PureAIR Lightbox is our newest product against Covid-19. It’s an UV air purifier hidden in form of elegant lightbox. In its operation, it uses the most effective UV lamps, which are used in places such as hospitals, dentists’ offices or specialized laboratories. Due to the situation, such solutions are also starting to be widely used in offices, shopping malls and households.

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