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It is a inside business knowledge that retail stores add backlit signage LED lightboxes because they add an inviting dimension to a retail store’s ambience. Having an intentional strategy about how to deploy lightboxes and fabric backlit graphics will definitely benefit your store’s image and boost retail sales. Following up on 5 Great Benefits of LED Displays and our personal insight Things to Know About LED Displays,it becomes clear why you should prefer LED lightboxes instead of less impactful, non-backlit signs.


  1. Attract maximum visibility



In the modern world there are many things trying to gain your audience’s attention from smartphones to competing brands. In this multi-stimulating environment, lightboxes are an ideal way to stand out.  An illuminated display is more likely to get noticed in comparison to one that is not.


A strategically placed light box can not only attract maximum visibility for your brand, since lighting plays a crucial role in what your shopper will focus on, but also create various emotions to your audience about buying your products.


  1. Highlight your product’s solid selling points





The right amount of light in a retail store can make almost anything stand out. Led displays can highlight a product’s quality, design, color palette (especially in the cosmetics market) and texture and make it desirable to your audience. Illuminated stands make it easier for customers to engage with your product, because it has constant visibility on it.


Using a fabric lightbox with sublimation printing really takes your product to the next level compared to most traditional methods. Graphics are in high quality with vivid colors on textile with all the sublimation printing benefits.


  1. Deeper Customer Connection

Branding Park LED Display

Branding Park LED Display


Darkness usually has negative connotations, and the converse is also true. Light brings feelings of sunshine, happiness, brightness, and general positivity. And when someone feels happier, the chances are higher that they’ll want to agree with you and take the plunge towards your product or experience.


Light brings vitality and energy, a dynamic that non-backlit displays cannot offer. This energy transfers to the audience making them into potential customers. They engage. They believe. They follow. And this ability to activate emotional triggers in consumers is what how lightboxes add value to retail spaces.


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