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On May 29th Athens hosted for the first time, the UEFA Conference league final, at AEK arena stadium at Nea Philadelphia.

Uefa Conference League 2024 Final cup

This was a huge challenge for Athens and for our branding team, because we were asked to be a part of this important project, with the task to handle the branding of the stadium, where the game would be for distinguished, world-class guests.

This was a particularly demanding project, featuring 6 different spaces, both inside and outside of the stadium, each one with its own unique specific features and needs. With proper planning and ideal execution, paying respects to each stadium space but with the client requests in mind, we designed and implemented separate, modern branding solutions for each space/task, using aluminum constructions with fabric prints, fabric stickers with sublimation prints, window coverings with removable stickers and floor stickers.

MFrame system gives us the flexibility to brand every space with stunning constructions and textile, ecological sublimation prints, featuring vivid colors and flawless rendering of the wanted visuals from the client.

We produced fabric backdrops 6 and 7 meters, with a unified, single print at 2,5m height:

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We also produced meal preparation areas, (back of house) for the game catering:

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We also produced tailor-made food service stands 5,5 and 6 meters, in different areas of the stadium.

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All our constructions were made with Mframe, an innovative system for creating exhibition structures – display systems, ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces, with the possibility of application at any point, for any brand.

This system uses pre-defined aluminum frames in fixed dimensions (custom dimensions can also be produced in certain situations), and different shapes (rectangular, curves, door etc.) that enables us to design, produce and setup any kind of exhibition booth we need. Furthermore, there are all kinds of different accessories available like lightboxes, hangers, shelves, storage areas, tv and more that differentiate the structure, maximizing your brand’s promotion. Mframe uses high quality, ecological fabric sublimation prints, that come with silicone sawn around the edges, fitting perfectly in the frame, without wrinkles in any wanted dimension.

Each Mframe booth is a multiuse system, with significantly less setup and dismantle time compared to the conventional exhibition systems (wooden constructions, plasterboard etc.), has less logistic and storage costs and can be reshaped and rebranded with ease.

One of the biggest challenges for this project, was respecting the existing branding of the stadium that was hosting the game.

The different areas of AEK arena needed to change to the official colors of the competition without damaging the stadium and of course at the end of the final, all the areas needed to be returned to their previous condition. Our ideal product – solution for this task was the fabric sticker Brandcor. Brandcor® is an environmentally friendly fabric, printed with sublimation technology, with a layer of special glue that allows sticking to various surfaces (various types of wall, metal surfaces, wood, glass, furniture boards, plastics, etc.) without the need to use tools.

The biggest advantage of Brandcor, is that it can be easily removed from the respective surface, without leaving marks, without the need to clean the surface and without special equipment. This “magical” material allows us to cover large surfaces with a single print, without removing or damaging the existing installation, creating a premium effect in the area where it is applied.

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An important part while handling the branding in each separate area, is the selection of the proper materials for each task. We offered solutions using high quality window stickers, kappa mount and floor sticker. We also cared for the little details like the printed menus, the table coasters, the informative labels and the whole feeling of each area.

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Special care was given to the stadium’s VIP suites, where we used high-quality fabric prints, covering the existing frames to avoid any risk of damage, with corresponding visual themes for each suite. We also produced fabric decorative pillows with different prints that harmoniously complemented the branding in each space.

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An equally important part of the project was the part of the branding in the fan zone of the stadium, on behalf of CosmoteTV, the official broadcast partner of the event. Our ally was the MFrame system here as well, creating an impressive 4×4 space with a photobooth for the public where visitors had the opportunity to take photos in the colors of the two finalists. On the roof of the booth, we built a 4-meter-high illuminated match ball.

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In such a large and demanding project, we responded with innovative solutions, we respected the space that hosted the final and the result was in line with the high standards of our client. For every branding project, from the smallest to the most complex, we offer solutions and products based on the project’s requirements and our results make the difference.