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Trade shows are the ideal place to promote your business and build awareness for your brand. Trade shows bring business and customer together so making your business stand out is crucial. Here are 6 tips on to do that.


1. Get a big exhibition booth

Bigger is always better and one of the key features’ visitors remember is the size of your booth. Impress them with quality materials and innovative design that fill their senses.


2. Design on all 3 dimensions

A trade show hall can be really packed especially with popular trade shows. You should design your booth in a matter that it creates impact on all sides facing the public, but also use the space above your booth to your advantage with an aerial / hanging banner. Use unique shapes to convey your brand’s personality, or just showcase the company logo in 3 dimensions.


3. Pay attention to your graphics

Don’t be afraid to use bright colors, high quality photographs and illustrations to gain attention. The smart thing to do is use light boxes to highlight key features of your products and make your booth visible from far away.


4. Make sure to create a brand experience

Take advantage of the mood people visiting the show may have and offer them the opportunity to experience your products or services. Use practical info desks as focal points with some interaction and divert people to them. It will be marked as cool in everybody’s mind.


5. Use technology in your favor

Nowadays technology offers a variety of gadgets you can use to increase your presence. Smart displays and POP technologies like hanging displays, monitors, holograms and video business cards offer additional advertising space to promote your company’s message.


6. Offer promotional giveaway’s

Everybody loves free staff and trade shows are the place to offer branded material to visitors. Practical gifts with your logo on them, event memorabilia and free samples will gain you awareness while promoting your business.


For most companies, trade shows provide much of their yearly business. They are ideal opportunities to meet new products and ideas and of course trade shows can be the beginning of new partnerships. Hire our expert team and arm your presence with high quality exhibition systems and branding materials to really stand out in a trade show hall. We are ready to offer our expertise and our premium products to your advantage.