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Exhibiting looks like a bridge between your brand’s essence and your brand’s perception by your clients. So, if you want to solve this equation you will need reasonable investment of both money and time. However, if you’re going to do it, do it right! When it comes to designing a show-stopping exhibition stand, you need to make sure not only all eyes are on you but also to make sure minds will be on you after fair’s end.


Size matters?

It depends on the sector your business belongs to but for sure there are examples of small exhibition stands designed well to maximize the space available.

Small doesn’t have to mean uninteresting when it comes to your exhibition stand design. Even with a shell scheme, using the small space well creates a better visitor journey. In many small stand spaces, you can also add height (but check with the exhibition organizer first) or use both sides of the stand walls to create more surface for you to tell your story. Look to retail stands within a store, such as beauty or technology brands for inspiration on how to sell big ideas from a smaller stand space.


Show the realistic not the imaginable

If you want someone to really get a feel for your products, why not create the exact space they might be used in? Designing an exhibition stand in which visitors can actually feel those products, as they might in a real-life environment, is much more effective than showing a video or providing a brochure.

Offer a “pop up” experience that looks and feels realistic to your potential customers – whichever environment is best to show off your products and help people to buy into why they’re worth their price tag.


Flexibility creates opportunities

Building an exhibition stand is expensive, so you’ll want it to be adaptable for future use. Therefore, it makes sense to opt for a modular design. By having elements which can be added or taken away you can modify the design to suit different sized stands and different stand layouts. The most common types of layout are island exhibits (exposed on all four sides), peninsular exhibits (three out of four sides exposed) and inline exhibits (flanked by other exhibitors). Check our exhibition combo set to get some ideas.


3D elements make it sweeter

Indeed, typical banners, large screens and signs play an important role in communicating who you are and what you do but using more tangible elements you can create more of an experience; a physical place to visit and enjoy rather than a giant advertising hoarding. Make your stand as welcoming as possible with comfortable seating, attractive displays and shelves for brochures. Include a prominent counter to be manned by staff so your guests feel welcomed and help them to escape from the show with a mix of elements in your stand design.


Interaction = Exploration = Engagement

Interactive designs give visitors a reason to spend longer on the stand, increasing dwell time, and making sure everyone, not only remembers your business but also understands what your business represents. Interactive features like ball pits, or exhibits that can be explored or walked around, help engage lots of different visitor senses which will make your brand stand out amongst a sea of competitors. Interactive features are also often very “instagrammable” which means your exhibition won’t just stand still. It’ll travel across social media and engage a much wider audience!


Make it colorful and bold

Bold colors can really help your booth stand out, but choose a maximum of three so your design doesn’t become too busy. Work with your existing branding and incorporate it into the core design features of your stand, such as the flooring/carpeting and modular display elements. Don’t use too many images either (i.e. lots of product photos) as it will dilute the impact of your design. Instead choose a small number of really striking images to make an instantaneous impression.


Lighted exhibition stand is always an impressive stand

Clever lighting can turn a run-of-the-mill trade show stand into a stunning one. Using impressive LEDs displays you can change the entire look and feel of your stand at the touch of a button. Meanwhile, you can attract attention with plenty of illumination effects so as to highlight key features of your stand with your lighting as well.


Make it pleasant and fresh

Exhibition halls rarely access daylight and the recycled air can become quite stuffy. Using greenery, whether faux or real, helps to bring a little of the outside world inside. This is a great way for an environmentally-friendly brand to communicate their passions, standing out amongst a sea of metal, woods and other conventional exhibition stand textures.

According to a recent study, those who work close to nature report a 15% higher level of well-being and creativity, so incorporating greenery could also make stand visitors feel more positive about your brand.



 Few retractable banner stands are just some more banner stands in a building full of banner stands. Use whatever your budget is on targeting to a big impact with color, lights and a few feature pieces of decor that you might even be able to borrow from home! With some creativity and planning you can create the perfect exhibition stand design to connect with your audience and get people talking about your brand.