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There’s a lot that goes into creating successful marketing events and research shows that those efforts are well worth it. B2B content marketers consider event marketing to be their most effective strategy. Despite all the hype about online marketing, nothing can replace face-to-face human interaction.


How do you attract people to your events? There’s more to it than just telling people the who, what, what, when and where. The look and feel of your event materials set the tone and influence the expectations of your guests. Whether it’s a trade show, seminar or awards dinner, your event materials are speaking for your brand before attendees even enter the room. What do you want them to say? When people think of your event presence, what do they think of? There are certain colors, fonts and services that come to mind, but what else? Personality. Attitude. Aesthetics. Your relationship to your prospects, customers, partners employees. All these factors combine to make your event brand.


Event branding is about capturing the essence of your brand and giving it its proper due in your event marketing efforts. You should use events to enhance the connection between your target audience and your brand. This proves the importance of the materials you use to brand your events.


Event Branding Matters because your brand matters


Developing a strong event brand or identity can help build credibility, loyalty, recognition and support. At the same time, you need to balance the budget with smart choices when it comes to branding materials. You must be flexible and perceptive to invest in materials that are easy to transfer and setup but also can be rebranded easily.


Branding your event has never been easier with a range of products designed to promote your message while withstanding the elements. Elegant designs and versatile structures provide flexibility like never before. There are many options available from outdoor activations like tents and arches to indoor activations like LED displays and info desks. Many products complement each other, giving a coherent branding strategy across your event.


Go beyond the “wow factor” – get your money’s worth


In a world where what you see is what you get everybody struggles to gain a point of differentiation in the marketplace. Consequently, many have taken decisive steps to create extraordinary and unexpected event branding installations that emphasize their uniqueness with extreme installations, but the “wow factor” is not everything. Besides, big spectacles are expensive and, to the confusion of consumers, may not be on-brand.


Smart choices of branding materials combine both the “wow factor” and still be cost-effective. A LED display for example is ideal for capturing the audience’s eye while offering a “wow factor”. A textile backdrop gives a sense of luxury to your presence and can be easily rebranded. Inflatable chillout furniture can offer both a distinct and practical setup for your event. Stay informed and hire an expert to get your money’s worth.


Staying ahead of the curve


While traditional event branding materials are commonly used, the few might ones investing in the new trends make the difference and establish a genuine emotional connection with customers. Event materials can engage audiences in authentic brand experiences, disarm the skeptics, warm up the cynics, and ultimately win consumers over. In other words, make true engagement possible and draw all attention to your business.


Companies spend thousands of dollars on an amazing venue, great food, and compelling speakers but the event materials—leading up to the big day or on-site signage and promotions—fall flat. In some cases, limited resources restrict pre-event marketing to digital channels, even though direct mail often results in higher response rates. In others, materials aren’t sent early or often enough, they fail to stand out or worse, they are produced poorly and do not appropriately reflect the caliber of the event. Whatever the case, don’t underestimate the impact of event materials and how they influence lead generation, brand awareness or customer engagement goals.


In conclusion, even if you are working with a small budget, there are affordable branding options for your event that will help you differentiate and still be in line with your brand.