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An effective branding appearance is not something that magically happens. It takes a lot market research, planning and excellent execution. Textile aka fabric banners are quite popular in meeting even the most demanding business specifications.


1. Textile banners offer optimum visibility

Fabric absorbs the camera flash rather than reflecting it and gives a higher-end impression, especially when viewed up close. Their appealing effect will get people’s attention. They are used in trade shows, storefronts malls, events, pretty much everywhere because they are hard to ignore.


2. Visually appealing

Textile banners have beautiful vibrant colors and fantastic imaging. Our fabric banners are printed using the sublimation printing technique which allows true colors while being Eco-friendly. The concept of our textile banners is that no structure frame is shown, the only thing visible is your branded message.


3. They come in wide variety of both standard and unique shapes

When you think of a banner the standard rectangular structure comes to mind. Textile banners can stretch so they adapt to the frame they are applied to. So, you have many options for your banner covering almost all your requests.


4. Easy to use

Tension fabric banners easy to transport, but they are also extremely easy to setup and take down. While the material is extremely durable and will last you a while, it is also great to know that changing graphics is a simple process. This is a great feature if you have several different offers that vary depending on the event that you are at, which allows you to easily swap out promotions on your frame.


5. Lightweight structures

Textile banners use lightweight structures making them very easy to handle from setting them up to storing them. Because of the tension fabrics we use, you can store the banner with no worries. They are also easy to transport and ship, reducing your logistic costs.


6. Flexibility

We may be overstating the obvious, but until you’ve really looked into tension fabric displays, you may not fully understand all the different shapes that they can take. The frames for these displays have gotten extremely creative and because of the material, they have become a great way to set yourself apart from the surrounding displays of your competition. Don’t get caught up in underestimating how unique your presentation has the potential for.


7. Keeping it clean

Textile banners are fabrics than can be cleaned in the washing machine and be always be in prime condition. They look fresh and new every time you use them, without the cost of buying new ones. Because of the tension fabric we use, your banners are wrinkle-free and crease resistant.


Textile banners are a hot trend among branding materials and can be used in branding activation, promoting your message with style.