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Signage is generally defined as any kind of graphic display intended to convey information to an audience. We see signage every single day – they’re an essential part of life. There are road signs indicating which speed to drive at or directions to the nearest town. There are health and safety signs all around our cities with information and instructions from public transportation to litter cans and street names. Even more shop signage is plentiful, detailing opening hours plus displays of discounts and deals. Signage is everywhere.


What is the purpose of signage?

Typically, signage tends to serve a few common purposes: to promote, identify, provide information, give directions or to raise safety awareness.


Advertising and marketing love signs

Signs are often used for advertising and marketing by companies or organizations. Outdoor signage solutions are an alternative and successful way to advertise a brand. In fact, outdoor signage can be more than the old-fashioned sign that comes to mind. Branding materials for outdoor marketing are often used and as outdoor signage.


Entice customers

Shop signage, both inside and out, can attract business to a company. It is the first interaction a consumer has with a store. To entice customers from the outside, stickers, window displays and especially led displays can be successful at creating curiosity and encouraging customers to enter a business and spend some money inside. They can be an alternative channel to showcase your products while getting potential customers into your shop.


Gain recognition

Signage is often designed to help people recognize or identify a place or brand. For instance, signs help us to identify which restroom to use. In terms of brands, signage has allowed brands to become instantly recognized at first sight just by a sign. It can be a very effective way to build awareness even for smaller businesses.


Directional signage

Directional signage is necessary for vast locations such as shopping malls, hospitals and corporations. With these signs, visitors or customers are less likely to get lost which helps to avoid a situation that could reflect badly on the business. Directional signage can also be useful for large scale outdoor events such as festivals or places where there are multiple buildings or entrances.


Health and safety signage

Health and safety signs are one of the main means of communicating health and safety information. They can be found in places such as workplaces, nurseries, schools and offices. Signs provide information and warnings about hazards or threats which are essential to safety.


Signage can be used literally everywhere. From events and trade shows, to museums and organizations, corporate offices and retail stores. Also, it comes in many forms, from simple stickers and signs, to banners, inflatable products like arches, tents and tubes and more specialized products like led displays and shelf activations. Hire an expert to get more value for your business today.