Branding MaterialsPOS materialsModular Versatile displays stimulate impulse buys

A bold display at the point of sale has been proven to be the most effective way to engage customers and drive them to impulse buys. Well executed displays can educate shoppers about a product, evoke emotion and inspiration, or provide impactful benefits to the shopper. By understanding this significant process, we are concluding that while visual merchandising is a major component, the functionality and versatility of a display is becoming critical to the overall retail activation.


Having the ability to take advantage of every inch of the available floor space means that you are easily adaptable to the expectations of the customers. Therefore, by utilizing modular versatile systems from your stock inventory is the most efficient and fast way to have a ready-to-sell in minutes display that not only fits the space requirements but can be transformed according to the special requirements of the specific retail space.


Fixtures that are permanently fixed can limit a retailers’ ability to adapt their store for product promotion or sell through. So just think if it were possible to use the same display in various areas within a store or be able to do on the move transformations of your displays. Does this actually be the meaning of a return on investment choice of a display?


Our modular displays are crafted from durable, lightweight ABS plastic components, which are carefully designed for quick setup and breakdown. Our no-tool assembly means our displays can be set up and ready to sell in minutes. We offer a whole new look, approach, and strategy for almost any size and type of merchandise presentation. However, if this is not enough, of course you can modify tailor-made add-ons in order to have a unique presence.


Our retail design specialists are here for you to customize in a creative but also in a realistic and cost-effective way your Versatile modular display. Be creative, combine POP technologies such as touchscreens and LED panels and be ready to captivate the attention of your customers.


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