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POP displays or point-of-purchase displays are a popular setup for all kinds of retail stores. They’re utilized for communication at Point-of-Purchase, they stimulate impulse buys and offer many benefits for their use. But how can you tell how effective your POP displays are? Here are some key-points to consider.


Quality materials

POP displays must be constructed with quality materials. It has to be durable, clean and break-free. Image for example a torn cardboard display in a super market isle. It generates a cheap and negative emotion to the buyer. You should prefer other materials that come with quality standards like plastic POP displays.


Bold graphics

Your goal is to stop buyers at your POP display and buy the product on it. A key factor here are bold graphics that will draw shopper’s attention as they walk by the display. Since a lot of shoppers might be on their phone or even listening to music while shopping, bold graphics give you a good chance to grab their attention. Vivid colors, playful fonts and strategically placement can make a big difference in a shopper’s decision as to buying or not. Whatever graphics you choose to go with on your POP display, use a professional opinion for better results.


Consider the height

Another key factor when choosing POP displays is something many retailers ignore, and it is the height of the display. It is crucial to keep in mind the target group that will eventually buy the product. For example, if your product is addresses to children buying in the store with their parents, your display should be in the appropriate height for them to see the product. A clever move here is to invest in modular pop displays that will easily adapt to your needs and to your products and more important adapt to different heights. This way your POP displays are going to be extremely visible to your audience.


Location, location, location

It doesn’t matter if your display is durable, has attractive graphics and is at the proper height if nobody can see it. POP displays should be placed in spots that will have traffic passing by. Place displays at the checkout areas, in the main aisles of your store and at the open areas around product displays. The rule is to pop out and location is crucial just like in real estate.


POP display items are usually impulse buys for most consumers. It’s not something they came to a store intending to buy. By investing in effective pop displays your sales will increase and you will get more value for it.