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Selling merchandise is no longer a simple transaction. Nowadays it’s all about engaging customers by offering them a more targeted, personalized shopping experience. How can retailers offer customers a better shopping experience? The trick is to provide exactly what they want, when and how they want it.


Digitization has started to play a critical role in the overall customer experience. From mobile applications to digital POS displays, advanced technologies represent an important part of in-store digitization that promise to change today’s retail landscape. Most in-store shoppers look for new ways of interaction. They want speed, efficiency and convenience. Opting for interactive POS displays, can provide all these along with an informational and entertaining experience for the modern shopper.


Advanced POS displays can be equipped with sensors to detect individuals in proximity. When a customer stands in front of the screen, the display can switch from general promotion images to detailed information on products. With new POS display technologies, you can offer your customers a more personalized shopping experience, while helping them make more informed buying decisions. This will drive customer engagement and retention rates, with a positive impact on your revenue and profit margins. In fact, personalized customer experiences and increased engagement are among the top reasons why experts over the next years.


Customers are often more drawn to products displayed in a prominent fashion, and the most effective POS displays will encourage additional purchases while also giving the store the appearance of being organized and well-branded. More than 70 percent of purchase decisions are made in-store as a result of visual and emotional stimuli, which have a vast impact on the consumer experience and shopper behavior.


Most retailers lack real insights into the shoppers’ needs and wants, particularly at an individual level. But the good news is that evolving POS display technologies can change that. These devices can now collect valuable information, ranging from how long people stand in front of the display to which items generate more interest. Digital POS displays offer retailers the opportunity to market exactly to their needs.


Marketing tactics and POS displays can be fine-tuned to provide a real sensory and personalized experience, which will eventually encourage shoppers to complete a purchase. This will not only increase customer engagement and sales opportunities, but retailers will also have the knowledge to build better store layouts and gradually reduce inventory volumes to eliminate inefficiencies and unnecessary carrying costs.


Providing a seamless shopping experience across multiple channels is another critical trend across the retail industry. With digital POS displays, retailers can deliver in-store experiences and strategic messages that are consistent with their online and offline marketing tactics. Branding Park can help your company acquire digital POS displays to bring your products to life, increase customer engagement and improve store operations.