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Nowadays, fabric light boxes are everywhere. You can find them in trade shows, in retail shops, in advertising, in shopping malls, pretty much everywhere. But what makes them so special that brands and businesses use them? Let’s find out.


Illuminated Appearance

Well, this is self-explanatory, but it also is the prime factor in favor of light boxes. They provide a zero-glare graphic surface and deliver a bright, saturated color image. This combined with premium textile sublimation graphics, creates an eye-catching ad for your brand.



Lightweight structures

There are various types of lightboxes currently int the market. Branding Park offers light boxes made from aluminum structures with profiles that allows perfect illumination around the edges. They come with special LED stripes for very low power consumption and multiple uses. This design offers a flexible lightbox that allows an easy assembly and distribution.


Branding Park LED Display

Branding Park LED Display


Textile prints

In order to get maximum value from a light box, you should use one with the best visual representation. Using fabrics with high quality graphics will enhance your brand’s image and make your message stronger.

Our lightboxes use instant graphics exchange (SEG) prints. The fabrics are printed with dye sublimation technique and they are trimmed with a rubber band, which makes the medium well stretched and adjusted to the frame. Forget wrinkles and loose applications. Furthermore, our prints are washable up to 30°C, lowering all maintenance costs.





LED Displays various sizes

LED Displays various sizes

Design your own

When we say flexibility, we really mean it. Our light boxes can be made in various non-standard dimensions, have their frames painted in a custom Pantone color and even can be designed in various polygonal shapes. Get in touch with our expert team to get your custom solution today!