Brand Activation

Installation and setup of your branding materials at your events.

Your Branding Park activations team will transport and erect your branding prior to your event start time.

In addition, we will monitor your branding during the event to guard against weather conditions and theft. On completion of your event we will take-down and return your branding to our warehouse, where it will be checked, packed and returned to your office, or remain at our warehouse, should we store your branding.

You will receive a full report of any broken, damaged or lost branding during the event as well as photos of how your branding was displayed at your event.

Our storage and maintenance services ensure that your branding is always looking tidy and clean.

After events your branding is screened, cleaned and all minor repairs are immediately reported with maintenance cost. ​Thereafter it neatly wrapped and stored in our warehouse to a dedicated, access controlled area.

Branding Storage & Maintenance

Safekeeping of your branding materials in our warehouse, clean and event ready any time.

Branding Management

Branding drawn, packed, dispatched and collected as required.
Stock levels managed, event related losses and damages are reported.

Effective management of your branding is an important marketing function, especially when you have multiple events and many branches drawing from the same stock.

Branding Park will help you manage your stock levels and make sure your branding is kept event ready at all times. We process requests for branding as per your instructions and can at all times advise your team as to which branding is available for an event and which is booked out and by whom.

Once availability is confirmed, the event is diarized. On the day(s) of the event, items are packed, dispatched, transported on site and installed. Dismantling and return to our warehouse or other storage location are followed up on to ensure branding is returned in time for the next event booking. We offer storage of your items for a modest fee. In conjunction, we also offer inventory management.

Whether you need internal, external or point of sale branding materials, Branding Park is always accessible to consult and share ideas on which solutions will be best suited for your branding needs.

​Our expert services include the design, manufacture and sourcing of any branding solutions you may require, at the most cost effective rates to suit your budget.

Branding & Point of Sale Production

Manufacture and design of the complete range of branding and point of sale materials.

Custom Signage

We design, manufacture and install according to your specifications.

The logistics behind the successful installation of custom signage can often be a challenging task. ​Branding park team is there to assist you throughout the whole process. ​

We have assisted many leading brands with their signage roll-outs, from small office installations to nationwide and other countries branch based deployments.

We have a wide range of branding hardware in stock that is available for hire. This is a really worthwhile option when you need to stretch your budget and cut cost. All you then need to do is purchase your prints and we will fit and install it for you.

Our clients often use this service when the branding prints will only be used for one specific event. Prints can be returned to clients after the event, stored by us for use at a next event, or responsibly recycled if not required again. Call us for the available list of hardware to rent.

As part of our Ad-hoc Event Services, we can assist any company or person with activation services, not only our retainer clients. In such cases, we will collect, check and report on your branding items prior to your event, plus clean and repair it, where needed. After the event we will again check, report and pack to deliver back to you.

Branding Rentals & Ad-hoc Events

You purchase only the prints, we hire you the hardware.


Branding is so much more than a logo and a website. It the very essence of a company but also how it makes customers feel. We specialize in bridging the gap between a company’s brand and its communication to the buying customer.

Paying attention to detail, caring about the lasting impact of our products in addition to constant R&D research in international markets and trends, gives us the expertise to make well-informed decisions when it comes to branding materials. We have the expertise to give your company the recognition it deserves and really distinguish from the competition.


We know that one size does not fit all. We treat every one of our clients as a unique study case and truly capture every unique little detail each project requires. Our team is right next to you ready to give the necessary support for your needs.

Branding Park in not just another branding company. We don’t think in a box, so our services do not come from a box but are customized and tailored to each project. You don’t just get a product, our personalized services  gives you the Branding Park experience!

Do you like our work?

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