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We are an experienced team dedicated to find the optimal branding solution for your project whether this is a corporate or consumer event. We engage in a non-stop R&D process, reviewing each new trend in both branding materials and technologies. Our product and service mix reflect the latest international products and we consistently seek out the best in breed companies to provide these to us.

Work with our design team to create unique branding concepts and executions for every marketing, sponsoring, corporate or point-of-sale activation. We have the products to differentiate your brand(s) and our installation and service teams will take care of the implementation.

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Product Characteristics

Innovative Design

We keep abreast of the latest trends in both materials and manufacturing techniques, and thus we are consistently able to find efficient and cost-effective ways of delivering high quality branding products. Explore our product range and choose the state-of-the-art display that will reflect your brand’s essence.


Our products’ flexibility makes it easier to satisfy your branding requirements.  Everything is designed to be easily packed in a small bag, and assembly requires no-tools or specialized technicians. Our light-weight constructions are easily moved during an event and even the printed screens or banners can be changed in only a few minutes.

Eco-friendly printing process – Sublimation

For both indoor and outdoor products, we are strictly using sublimation printing process. We care deeply about the environment and our impact upon it.  Currently, we believe sublimation is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable method of garment printing as it creates virtually zero waste as there is no need for water in the dyeing process. At the same time our sublimation printings are vivid, bright, with no-loss in resolution and more resistant compared to any other printing method.

Minimum Logistic Costs & ROI

Even the largest of our structures are able to be packed in a small bag! Forget trucks, forklifts, technicians and specialized logistic services for your marketing activations. By using our products, you will have increased economies of scale for every step of the implementation process at your marketing, corporate, sponsoring or promotional activations.

Branding Park is an exclusive distributor for:

Zepelin exclusive distributor
axion4event exclusive distributor


Because our passion is branding!  We consistently deliver on an exceptional level and our innovative solutions for both branding materials and technologies reflect this. Our mission is to become the branding  partner that offers you not only effective and high-quality products, but also excellent service in order to satisfy all your project’s demands.


We help our clients to distinguish their brands with unique construction designs and innovative materials in a highly impactful and cost effective manner.

ROI and Cost Savings

The durability and ergonomic design of our display products as well as the flexibility in the logistic management of these products allows for substantial savings by avoiding significant repair, shipping and storage costs.

After Sales Service

Our products come with a supportive, full service after sales guarantee.  We create and execute tailor made solutions for our clients which include: technical support, shipment and delivery, placement and assembly, breakdown and dismantling, storage, maintenance and cleaning.


Outdoor Activations

Inflatable tents, arches, tubes, furniture and beachflags are some of our top-selling products.

Indoor Activations

Textile backdrop, modular exhibition systems, info desks, illuminated displays and more.

Trade Activations

Innovative plastic modular POS displays and built your own shape according to your needs.

Shelf Activations

Our shelf organizing systems allow simpler and effective segmentation, multiple communication levels, easy re-branding areas and custom-made accessories to enhance your product’s visibility.


Multiple use of the same structure by various company Brands enables us to offer cost-effective rebranding using the same structure.

After Sales Care

We value our clients and stand by our products after the sale providing storage and maintenance for our products.

Our Branding Experience

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